Get more sales with emails

Email marketing is a key marketing tool for keeping in touch with your customers. It may sound simple but by sending regular emails to your customers, you are actually reminding them that you still exist. 

You may be confident enough in your business to believe your customers would never forget about you. However, are you  willing to take the risk just because you can’t be bothered to communicate with them on a consistent basis?

Email marketing is a basic communication skill which cannot be ignored in the world of business. Forget about your customers, and they will forget about you.

Did you know?

The first email ever was sent in 1972.

It’s been the most popular channel of communication for almost 5o years and yet, people still underestimate it’s power. Unfortunately, over 80% of local businesses claim they are too busy to send regular email marketing activity to their customers or they simply don’t know how.


You may be under the impression that email marketing is way out of your depth. However, times have drastically changed. Luckily for you, there’s now plenty of online resources, including the very popular Mailchimp, which is a free online email marketing tool. It helps you with designing newsletters, growing your mailing list and tracking your results. 

What about GDPR?

Back in the day, to run a successful emailing marketing campaign, you needed to have lots of money to buy massive lists of people’s data. However, with the introduction of the new GDPR laws, it’s now encouraging more businesses to grow their mailing lists slowly, yet organically.

Believe it or not, these changes are much better for local and smaller businesses because it’s encouraging businesses to work harder for their data, therefore the quality is better, conversion rates are higher and customer relationship management (CRM) becomes more manageable.

Also, people’s inboxes are now filled with less junk from random third-party communication companies, therefore their inboxes are more tailored to their interests and buying habits.

Need help with your emails?